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Year after year since mobile equipment has been in use, miners have been crushed, run over, pinned by, or struck by, moving equipment. These accidents

CAN BE prevented. One way is by getting miners into the habit of thinking through and applying these:


 Never position yourself in an area or location where equipment operators cannot readily see you.

Pay attention to your surroundings and know the route of travel of shuttlecars,ramcars and scoops.

Wear reflective clothing to ensure high visibility when necessary to walk or work

near moving equipment.

 Exercise caution and signal your presence to mobile equipment operators. Never

assume an equipment operator can see you or will stop for you.

 Before operating mobile equipment, always ensure that other miners are not in the area of your intended travel.

Sound warnings when starting and tramming equipment, and when the operator's

visibility is obstructed, such as when making tight turns, reversing direction, or approaching curtains.

Shuttlecar, ramcar and scoop operators should always keep their hands, arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

 Ensure that mining machine operators are in a safe location while tramming the

continuous mining machine from one location to another, or in the entry during cutting and loading. Follow the red zone guidance.

 Ensure everyone is outside the machine‚Äôs turning radius before starting or moving mobile equipment.

Ensure that equipment decks are cleaned of accumulations of coal, mud and other

extraneous materials and mechanical components are greased and lubricated as necessary.

 Never obstruct visibility by overloading equipment, especially in lower coal seams.

 Install and maintain electronic proximity detection devices.

 Use transparent curtains wherever possible to enhance visibility.

 Install cameras on the loading end of shuttlecars and ramcars, especially in lower coal seams.

 Use permissible flashing strobe lights attached to hat or clothing. The light should

face to the rear of the miner. This provides a means to be seen by others when the

miner has their backs to equipment operators.

Train all production crews and management in the programs, policies, and

procedures and ensure that they are followed.

 Develop proactive programs, policies, and procedures for starting and tramming

equipment such as sounding an alarm or blowing a whistle.

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