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Vinyl Wall CoveringVinyl Wall Covering

Vinyl wall covering has grown in popularity for both residential and commercial interiors, and is today a design tool of choice for interior designers,
architects and other specifiers. The reasons for vinyl's growth are both aesthetic and practical - vinyl wall covering offers a wide range of finishes and colors
with enhanced durability. This section will address various design, specification and environmental considerations to take into account when specifying
vinyl wall covering, as well as resources available to designers interested in learning more.


We bring in Large crews. Complete Blocks of rooms, several floors at a time.

We understand the need for commercial Hotels to get the work done
and rooms rented out

See our

Acrylic Texture





old wall paper, Prepping Priming, Patching, Painting,
Installing New Vinyl covering complete floors at a time

What we do Vinyl wallcovering,
 wall covering, burlap wallcoverings, Silk wall coverings, patterned wallpaper, plain wall paper, fabric wall, fabric panel, fabric wallpaper, fabric wall covering,
 upholstered walls, fabric wall hanging, wall fabrics, wall upholstery, wholesale lots, vinyl, acoustical, wall carpet, acoustical wallcovering, murals

We have several methods of application for
Acrylic Knock Down Texture
These units can do hundreds of rooms. Bigger project?
Then we can bring a Tanker truck full of material


Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractor Licensed - Bonded - Insured
Palette of colors and effects are available. Textured wall covering comes in a variety of patterns including realistic brick, marble, stone and tile patterns, and faux vinyl grass cloth designs. The three dimensionality of textured wallpaper adds impact and depth. Unlimited colors and designs add personality


Faux Finish Painting

Interior - Exterior Painting Lacquer - Oil - Stain

Doors - Windows Rails - Faux Finish - Electrostatic Painting

Fire Proof and Thermal Coatings

      5 colors and several Vinyl Patterens     

Commercial & Vinyl Wallcoverings Patterns -  Stripes - Borders


Elastomeric -Acrylic stucco -Plastering   -Stucco finish -Gypsum board  - Gypsum wallboard finish - Orange peel, - Knock-down, Splatter
Stipple -Wood, - Cured concrete Texture paste -T
exture gels -Acrylic paint -Pastel Surfaces -Pastel Tips -Pastel Types -Pigments
Using Colors -Gel Mediums -Modeling Paste -Texture Gels =
Gloss matte mediums


 Estimator Gage for Wall Paper Acrylic Texture Acrylic Technologies Acrylic Knock Down Acrylictex

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