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*MSHA  Certified Painters

As MSHA Certified Painters. Great Western Painting feels that It is the right decision in completing a contract with a company
 that puts Safety as their top priority. We know all safety aspects of the job. We Provide Safety Meetings

and processes that are set in place to save lives.  Accidents on these jobs can be fatal so this is a life and death situation. Safety is the most important
attribute of Industrial Commercial Painters for a successful job

MSHA = Mine Safety and Health   Administration Certified
Mining is an inherently hazardous operation and a strong focus on safety is necessary to protect lives


   Great Western Painting Certified in the mining Industry as a
 Certified MSHA Painting Contractor



Kennott Copper Mines
 Urainium One Mines

Barrick Gold Mines & Climax Mines

Need MSHA Training  Click Photo

Our Company Industrial Commercial Painters has been train by excellent instructor. We have several that we highly recommend. 
To have a company recommend who they use is a value to you company's success


MSHA Certified Painters


Visit  MSHA Talk List your  Safety Quotes
Articles- Accident Photos.


Great Basin Safety

MSHA Certified Contractors  OSHA Certified Contractors  MSHA Safety Equipment  OSHA MSHA Training
EPA Certified Training  -  MSHA Certified Contractors   MSHA Certified Training -
MSHA Certified  Instructors.com 



MSHA Training  OSHA Training
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Alabama - MSHA  & OSHA Training 
Alaska -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Arizona -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Arkansas -MSHA & OSHA Training 
California- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Colorado- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Connecticut- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Delaware- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Florida -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Georgia - MSHA & OSHA Training 
Hawaii -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Idaho -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Illinois- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Indiana -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Iowa -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Kansas- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Kentucky -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Louisiana -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Maine- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Maryland -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Massachusetts -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Michigan -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Minnesota -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Mississippi- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Missouri-MSHA & OSHA Training 
Montana- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Nebraska -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Nevada MSHA & OSHA Training 
New Hampshire -MSHA & OSHA Training 
New Jersey- MSHA & OSHA Training 
New Mexico- MSHA & OSHA Training 
New York- MSHA & OSHA Training 
North Carolina -MSHA & OSHA Training 
North Dakota -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Ohio -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Oklahoma -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Oregon -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Pennsylvania -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Rhode Island -MSHA & OSHA Training 
South Carolina- MSHA & OSHA Training 
South Dakota -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Tennessee- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Texas -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Utah- MSHA  & OSHA Training 
Vermont- MSHA  & OSHA Training 
Virginia- MSHA & OSHA Training 
Washington- MSHA & OSHA Training 
West Virginia-MSHA & OSHA Training 
Wisconsin -MSHA & OSHA Training 
Wyoming -MSHA & OSHA Training 



MSHA Talk 

MSHA Talk is a site where you can read about Safety. See photos of dumm things being done with out safety in mine. Also things that are being acomplished in the MSHA & OSHA world




 If you are MSHA Certified Contractors
List your company
their  Go





Lead Abatement Certified/font>

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