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Industrial Paint  Manufacturers

Thermal Paint & Industrial and Marine Coatings
Our premiere product is TEMP-COAT, the very best and oldest name in liquid ceramic insulations. TEMP-COAT is a liquid latex barrier form of insulation that has many uses for Industry,

Industrial and Marine Coatings Including Swimming Pool Paint Go
Alkyds-Silicone Alkyds, Army Corps Paints
, Gov't Specification Paints, Polyaspartic Coatings, Moisture Cure Urethanes
Bridge Coatings, Zinc Rich Coatings, Marine Coatings, Floor Coatings, Epoxy Primers Much More IndMar Coatings Corporation
Adam C. Calder
704-553-2633 Best Residential Paint Ever

Armorex HB is mildew and fungus resistant up to federal standards, and can be used on stucco, brick, block, cement, and wood even properly prepared metal surfaces. Armorex Brand Coatings petrolilum

Specguard Systems
 OEM Marine products, and Construction coatings systems, residential concrete coating systems, roofing and wall coating systems, marine coating systems and joint filling and concrete repair systems marine applications

Klinger Paint has been a family owned paint manufacturer for over 109 years!
Epoxy Pool Paint Tank Coatings: Heavy Duty Maintenance Coatings Urethane Coatings High Performance Epoxies
Dow Coating Solutions logo Sherwin-Williams
Kelly-Moore Paints ICI Paints

Fire Proof Paint

1  -  Paint To Protect
FF88- 888-990-3388

2  -  Contegointer National Fire proof Paint /
C 317-432-0665 Troy Scott 317-580-0665


3  -  National Fire proofing
Richard 949-306-4253

For Our Divisional Painting Contractors Sites
Fire Retardant  /  Fire Proof Painting  /  Intumescent Painting

Pratt & Lambert

NITED Static Control Products

The ElectraGuard Epoxy Paint System possibly
THE most popular ESD Floor in the industry. Outstanding electrical properties


Cabot StainsHunter Douglas Blindsoster Brush

China Paint Manufacturers  -  China Equipment Manufacturers  


    Eco Commercial Painting       Mythic Paint (Green Paint)


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888-436-3266  Enecon
World leaders in advanced polymer composites technology. High performance polymer systems for rebuilding, resurfacing and protecting all types of fluid flow machinery, equipment and structures.
Floors- Hangers Tanks

fiberglass and composite supplies. Fibre Glast
Tank lining  resin patch Putty

Since 1921, Tnemec Company, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance architectural and industrial coatingsFrom water tanks and treatment plants, to manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and specialty architectural buildings, Tnemec


CSS Polymers, Inc. is dedicated to developing quick setting polymer-based products (ie: polyureas, epoxies and urethanes)

 and applications for the construction industry worldwide.


 Also see  Thermal Paintin /   Fire Proof Painting   /   Lead Encapsulation   /   Paint Colors


Pratt & Lambert   -

Cabot Stains

Hunter Douglas Blinds

Wooster Brush

Ralph Lauren Paint

National Paint & Coatings Association

Paint & Decorators Retail Association

Mythic Paint (Green Paint)

  Brush Saver Inc Salt Lake City UT,  / Coatings Leasing, LLC Tooele UT, / Horizon Paint CO Midvale UT, / Kwal Paint Washington UT,
Messmer's Inc West Jordan UT, / Ore Containers Inc Salt Lake City UT


K&E Chemical Company, Inc.   800.331.1696 

For over 50 years K&E Chemical Company has been an industry leader in the development of
Masonry restoration products And Green  Paint Stripers
Our products   do not contain corrosive acids or hydroxides, which means that they will not erode or “eat away” at the surface of the stone.

K & E Chemical Co., Inc.
"The Home of KLENZTONE"3960 E. 93rd St. Cleveland OH 44105 (216) 341-0500


* * * *
Nansulate Industrial Insulation Coatings*
US & Canada (Toll Free):

*Nansulate® Translucent PT
For Pipes, Tanks and other metal substrates. Clear, matte finish. Operating temperature range: -40F to 257F (-40C to 125C) Prevents rust and insulates effectively. 6 coats - 75 sq. ft. per gallon
$89.95 - 1 gallon | $449.75 - 5 gallon

Nansulate® EPX
For pipes, boilers, steam pipes, underground pipelines, heat producing equipment, and more. Operating temperature Extremes: Temperature Extremes: -40F to 400F (-40C to 204C). Non-opaque. Heavy Duty. $89.95 - 1 gallon | $449.75 - 5 gallon
*Wooster Brush
Russ Taylor
Manufacturer's Representatives

* * * *


Floor Grinding & Polishing Machines, Tools & Equipment Manufacturers
(marble, concrete, granite and more
Industrial Dust Extractors / Collectors to vacuum
Paint strippers & coating removers: DBX

ecofriendly masonry restoration products including cleaners for cement, brick and concrete. Our ecofriendly cleaners products

Highland International

Corrosion 2013 Featured Product:
Highland HiTemp 48 Series 450ËšF Insulation 2-K Epoxy Primer

  • High Build and Surface Tolerant 2-K Hybrid Epoxy Novolac
  • Exceptional Temperature Insulation
  • Outstanding Chemical & Corrosion Protection
    • HiTemp and HiTemp Dry-Fall Maintenance Coatings
    • Specialized Maintenance Coatings Customized OEM Paint
    • 1-800-444-1438

Duomar Inc


5750 N Sam Houston Pkwy E

High Ridge Business Park, Suite 1102

Houston, Texas 77032, USA

supply of thermal insulation coatings, acoustic vibration damping insulating coatings and the anti vibration mounting system Duomount

T. +1-713-489-2600

F. +1-713-489-1736

M. +1-713-371-6687



  Duomar® is thé specialist in production and supply of thermal insulation coatings, acoustic vibration damping insulating coatings and the anti vibration mounting system Duomount® to various industries.
* * *


Ty is a world class leader supplying high-performance, high temperature solutions throughout the world.

Cal rep carries lots of coatings - Tim Eggers   -  925-382-4061  -   tim@dampney.com


manufacturer of Sutherlands® Golden Glow and Silver Glow paint products



Adam Droege Sales Manager

Express Chem

2101 Clifton Avenue Saint Louis, Missouri 63139

Phone: 800-844-1301 Cell: 217-653-8748


314-644-1300 is my office number. 217-543-8748 is my cell and the two websites you can find our products on are:

Paint Stripper

Welcome to Industrial Cleaners.com Paint Stripers Another Company  we have used


Industrial Paint  Manufacturers

Industrial Painting Equipment


Industrial Painting Equipment -International Painting Contractors    International Paint Manufactures


Not sure of the color you need?   View some colors  


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Full Service Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractor
Industrial Paint Dealers

*More Info On Types of Paints

(a) Epoxy resins :Chemicals which may be produced from petroleum and natural gas are the source of epoxy resins. These paints have very good adhesion, apart from their excellent chemical resistance. They may also have good flexibility and toughness where co-reacting resins are introduced. Epoxy resins are expensive owing to the removal of unwanted side products during their manufacture, and the gloss finish may tend to ‘chalk’ making it unsuitable for many external decorative finishes. These paints often consist of a ‘two-pack’ formulation, a solution of epoxy resin together with a solution of cold curing agent, such as an amine or a polyamide resin, being mixed prior to application. The mixed paint has a relatively slow curing rate at temperatures below 10 °C. Epoxy resin paints should not be confused with epoxy-ester paints which are unsuitable for underwater use. Epoxy-ester paints can be considered as alkyd equivalents, as they are usually made with epoxy resins and oilfatty acids.

(b) Coal tar/epoxy resin: This vehicle type is similar to the epoxy resin vehicle except that, as a two-pack product, a grade of coal tar pitch is blended with the resin. A formulation of this type combines to some extent the chemical resistance of the epoxy resin with the impermeability of coal tar.

(c) Chlorinated rubber and isomerized rubber: The vehicle in this case consists of a solution of plasticized chlorinated rubber, or isomerized rubber. Isomerized rubber is produced chemically from natural rubber, and it has the same chemical composition but a different molecular structure. Both these derivatives of natural rubber have a wide range of solubility in organic solvents, and so allow a vehicle of higher solid content. On drying, the film thickness is greater than would be obtained if natural rubber were used. High build coatings of this type are available, thickening or thixotropic agents being added to produce a paint which can be applied in much thicker coats. Coats of this type are particularly resistant to attack from acids and alkalis.

(d) Polyurethane resins: A reaction between isocyanates and hydroxylcontaining compounds produces ‘urethane’ and this reaction has been adapted to produce polymeric compounds from which paint film, fibres, and adhesives may be obtained. Paint films so produced have received considerable attention in recent years, and since there is a variety of isocyanate reactions, both one-pack and twopack polyurethane paints are available. These paints have many good properties; toughness, hardness, gloss, abrasion resistance, as well as chemical and weather resistance. Polyurethanes are not used under water on steel ships, only on superstructures, etc., but they are very popular on yachts where their good gloss is appreciated.

(e) Vinyl resins :Vinyl resins are obtained by the polymerization of organic compounds containing the vinyl group. The solids content of these paints is low; therefore the dry film is thin, and more coats are required than for most paints. As vinyl resin paints have poor adhesion to bare steel surfaces they are generally applied over a pretreatment primer. Vinyl paint systems are among the most effective for the underwater protection of steel.

(6) Zinc-rich paints: containing metallic zinc as a pigment in sufficient quantity to ensure electrical conductivity through the dry paint film to the steel are capable of protecting the steel cathodically. The pigment content of the dry paint film should be greater than 90 per cent, the vehicle being an epoxy resin, chlorinated rubber, or similar medium.
http://www.generalcargoship.com/marine-paints.html   Info

*  Go Green  Is it worth the money?

It might make you think
  We all want to do our part for the Environment?

Disposing of latex paint. Latex paint is less toxic than oilbased paint, but it still has poisonous chemicals in it. Since
latex paint is often over 1/2 water, it can easily soak into soil or spread through water in the environment. If it isn’t dried
out before it’s thrown out, it can seep into our lakes and wells